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Ever heard of the underground? No? Good thing because we haven't either. LOL I'm so glad we're all on the same page. This guild here is for all the gangstas of the GCD. You might not know them or what they're really up to but damn, they know how to have fun.

This guild is a place for users to just enjoy wasting their free time. The GCD can get a bit boring and repetitive at times. So why not have a place to b***h about it and discover that most of the members really are on vacation.

In case any of you were wondering, this guild isn't for rally kids. Well if you like going there, that's okay. The captain visits that place every now and then but anyways. We really don't fit what those kids are looking for in the entertainment field. We also don't have enough lustys.

The captain just thought it would be funny to call this guild gangsta. Usually a group of people that keep secrets and allow a few select people to be part of the group. The guild is completely open to the public and almost every GCDer has received an invitation at some point. So the name is sort of a joke.

There are no requirements for joining but it does help to have some interest in Gaia. Even though this isn't the GCD, there is still plenty of discussions about the site that happen here. Plus it makes for a great ice breaker.


or just be haters

either really works in this case, i guess