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It has been a year since the start of King Joffrey's reign and the start of Winter has come for the North. Robb Stark is now declared the King of the North as his father Eddard Stark is deceased. Joffrey has been made a fool in his own lands, and his own mother fears what he has become. Myrcella has been sent to Dorne, and Joffrey is now promised to marry Margaery of House Tyrell thus leaving Sansa in the dark. Jon Snow has been captured by wildings Beyond the Wall, Hell reigns in Winterfell as Theon Greyjoy has taken it for himself, and Daenerys is planning on sailing across the seas to take back what is hers. Who will get their vengeance? Who will get their freedom? Who will sit on the Iron Throne...

To take part in the Game....

To take part in the game you must fill out this application. Anyone who has not read the Royal Decree on the main page and has not filled out this forum will not be considered to join. Please copy and paste the application below and send it in your request. All roleplay samples must be sent to the captain in a PM.

Have you read the Royal Decree on the main page?

Will you be active?

Are you at least 18?

Are you familiar with season one and two of Game of Thrones?

Can you give an RP sample?

[[Please send samples to: The Ariadelle]]

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*All maps and most information for the lands, houses and their sigils were found on sites like Wiki.