Welcome every Gaian RPer! Weither you are Young or old... 'Semi- lit' or 'Advanced lit' we welcome you all! Here is a guild DEDICATED to connecting Gaians of ALL sorts together to join up in one united quest that we all have on this site!


Here you can set up a profile of your self. Like the one on one threads in the barton OOC. You can put if you'd prefer 1x1 or groups and we even have spots on the forum where you can set up 1x1 or group rps! We even have a spot where you can just talk about ANYTHING! So please please come on in and take a look around. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Gaian RPers Unite Crew

Some Basic Rules:
1. Be respectful of the guild when posting anything anywhere in the guild.

2. Keep Active! I recommend posting AT LEAST once a week but more would be appreciated!

3. FOLLOW GAIA TOS! We do NOT want to lose our guild just because someone wants to cyber! So don't!f

4. Do not make someone feel bad if they are a lower 'lit' level then you. This will NOT be tolerated because we are uniting together!

We hold the right to add more rules as it seems fit... Please use your common sense we'd prefer not having any problems! Thank you so much!