Welcome to the future site of Gaia Online Magazine v2.0. As of right now we are under construction but are eagerly awaiting the day we open up to the public!

Aside from that, GOMv2 will be a lot like its predecessor in the fact that this will be a user-run publication featuring content all about Gaia. Given that the site is back in the hands of Lanzer and the original founders and there are consistent updates to the site, there is actually going to be something to write about! Examples of things that you can expect to see are:
- Interviews with Gaia Online staff
- Comics and games
- Artwork
- And more!

If you are interested in providing your talents for this new publication, please feel free to send kluster phuck a private message.

That's all for now -- stay tuned though, this page will be regularly updated with announcements regarding our progress. Thanks and have a great day!

-kluster phuck

P.S. We are not currently accepting new members into the guild while we get things going.