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Well im not gonna give you alota restrictions for this guild but ill do my best for this to be suitable for all of us.
1)No flamming.
2)No hacking and posting hacking sites.
3)No abusing other guild members unless its in good fun but no sexaul content and you must keep that at a PG 13 rating.
4)No cybering or pics of sexual content because you must remember........The mods are watching T-T.
5)You must be a little active, at least post once when you join or ill be forced to kick you.
6)This guild is FREE for everyone that loves animals and can speak their mind without hesitation, don't think furries rule the world...yet...
....but anyway, play nice cause most people that join don't have to be a furry ya'know ^_^.
7)If you have any problems do not be afraid to contact me ^^.
OH and 1 more thing mods, please for god's sake tell me before you delete someone. But if you delete them anyway, tell me why ^^.
Well thats it only thing you gotta do is be a furry (or yourself) and have lots of fun in this guild once you join ^^.
Oh yea meet our allied FURRY guild ^-^ !
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Who is afraid to be their real furry self?