Freebie Artists for Events

Welcome everyone to Freebie Artists for Events! We are artists who devote our time to offering freebies during Gaia's annual events. You may have seen our Threads in the past. 60+ artists come together to celebrate the Holiday and of course, give art. In total, we have given 683 pieces of art, and we hope to give more. Since we have participated in 5 Events, we (the crew and myself) decided that it was about time to expand our "threads" and
"what we're all about" by making an official guild where we can all come together (artists and non-artists) and pass the time through our "free time" between Events.

We hope for this guild to be an active community of artists and non-artists. Come join us in-

1. General/Guild Chats. Both art and non art related!
2. Our Practice Forum (Where the artists are itching to practice before an event)
3. Comment & Critique/Works In Progress (where the artists can help each other)

And much more!

We hope to see you here~

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