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Hello and welcome to Free Gold Club! A brand-new guild created at the hands of iSamzi [current guild Captain] and Amensu Saje current guild former Vice Captain]. Within the guild, you'll find many different varieties of things to do. Things ranging from Discussion, and Events - all the way to Polls and Spam. But that's not all that we offer. There was just too much to show it all. ;D But if you'd like to see all of it, and experience the FGC, all you have to do is join the guild. Everybody here is very friendly! But all of 'em are in need of gold. ^^ In other words, lookout. Or you just might be devoured by the never ending ways to earn gold! O_o And we, the guild Moderators, don't want to lose you.

Here in the FGC, we want our user's to feel welcome. We want a nice, friendly environment where users can come, vote in polls, have discussion, and kick some butt in contests! That's why we make it a top priority to keep this guild at that level of friendliness. ^^ In fact, this isn't our guild at all. We run the guild. We Moderate the guild. We even keep everything in the guild in tip-top shape. But this guild really belongs to you, the users. You guys make it possible for us to have a guild to run. You give us a chance to Moderate over the guild. You help us keep things in tip-top shape by being friendly and obeying rules. Just because we're over the guild, we have a title in the guild, and we're the ones with the authority and the final decision, you guys keep the guild active. You stick around and chat, compete, vote, etc. It's really you guys making this guild possible! So we hope that we'll see you guys helping keep your guild in the best condition it can be in. Because what affects us, the Moderators, also affects you, the users.

Please be sure you read the rules in each and every thread/subforum you visit. We would prefer it if we didn't have to explain the rules over and over all the time. It'd be much simpler for everybody if you'll just read the rules, obey the rules, and get along with one-another. Thank you.

Affiliation. To affiliate your guild, mini-shop or thread please fill out the Affiliation Application. Also remember to provide your guild homepage link and a banner. Once your affiliation request is accepted your guild will be advertised throughout FGC.

To Join: Click "Join Guild". FGC accepts all requests - no matter what (with the obvious exception being members who have been permanently banned). Your request does not need to contain anything or can say whatever you like.
The entry fee is 10g so we have enough gold in the guild account to send guild announcements. Once you've joined visit the FGC Guide. Then also visit the Rules & Guidelines.

Please do not donate to the Guild Account. Instead, donate to the FGC Mule This way we can host Competitions & Giveaways.

All artwork on homepage & guild banner done by Tenko72

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