Have a passion that most of society would frown upon?

Welcome to Forbidden Passion where you can be free with what you like and not worry about what others think.

This is a place where you can talk freely about your 'Forbidden Passion' with others that might like the same thing, something similar, or have an understanding of what you like.

~ Obey the ToS!
~ Follow any rules of the forum you're in.
~ Do not insult other users or flame them for a lack of knowledge.
~ Enjoy yourself.
~ No flaming Ukes or extreme fangirls/fanboys.
~ If any rules are broken, I will not hesitate to report you and ban you from the guild.

Answer these questions in you requests:

~Who is your favorite yaoi couple?
~Do you have a forbidden passion?
~What can you contribute to the Guild?

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