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t h i s

t h i s i s

X»»»»F . A . S . S .««««

Wandering aimlessly in the darkness,
You stumbled upon us.
"Who are they?" You ask...
And the answer is so obvious...
You take a nanosecond to realize...

We are the ones you have been searching for.
We are your new life, the light at the dark end of the tunnel.
Close your eyes now, my dearest one.
There is nothing to see.
Everything you've been searching for,
It just happened to be me.

I am FASS, the glorious one.
I am FASS, the unknown one.
I am FASS, the one.

CBS news commenter Andy Rooney joked about the TV shows that carry the caution, "viewer discretion advised." "The suggestion is that children shouldn't watch it," Rooney said."What it does, of course, is alert kids to watch."

We are the Forbidden Apple Secret Society!
Okay, we are not so secret...
You are the only one that doesn't know about it...
Will you continue to be the only jerk that doesn't know about it?
If so... DON'T JOIN US!
(Translation: That means, "Join us." wink

STOP! Don't donate directly to the guild! If you wish to help us, donate to Forbidden Apple mule account Because, if you donate directly to the Guild, it's only used for subforums and Guild announcements. And we already have enough gold for that. ;3