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When requesting to join, PLEASE put a sample of your Roleplaying skill and the character you would like to play, if it is available. Originals are always welcome as well. Blank join request's will be denied. People are still ignoring this, PLEASE NO BLANK REQUESTS.

Welcome to Final Fantasy VII: Neo Midgar City; Colliding Worlds!

The rules here are simple. Have fun, and be friendly to other players. Drama and rudeness is not tolerated in this guild! As most of us are all adults this is a PG-13 guild. Not family-friendly, if there is to be a scene with sexual content, we ask you to take it to PM or time skip the scene please if it's going to get to obvious.

Try to be as descriptive as you can in posting. It doesn't have to be a book, we just ask that you try your best. If you take on a character of the Final Fantasy series, you will be asked to make a sample of your Role Playing skill. We want to be sure those who take the characters knows how to play them. Original characters are also very welcome here in the guild.

When requesting to join, Please put up a small sample of your RP skill in the join request and the character you wish to play, and if it is an original of your own custom character, just do your best!

Now, onto the story!

It has been a year since the events of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In the months shortly after, lives that were lost were miraculously revived. It is believed the Life Stream had brought these people back to life due to a new approaching danger, to which the planet seek out the hero's to once again fight for the protection of the planet and it's people. Aerith and Sephiroth, being two of those whom were revived. In time, Rufus ShinRa had built a mansion within Midgar City upon the completion of being rebuilt and purged of the dangers of poisoning. This mansion was built as a thank you, and an apology from the President for all of Avalanche and it's many new hero's.

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In time, Rufus had returned to his old, power hungry-self and the Turks were once again formed. The ShinRa building once again stands tall and proud, though corrupt. Only few Turks had left to join Avalanche, that being Cissnei, while Elena remained. Reno and Rude have not yet been found and have gone missing.
But the most spectacular of all events, has been the mass amount of strange new worlds appearing within the Gaia world. A structure known to most called the Tear of Worlds, seems to have opened a sort of dimensional portal, bringing in other worlds here from many different times. (This means IV,VI,VIII, any other Final Fantasy can be here. ) While most of the people whom came through were good, and also fighting to protect there own worlds, there was always evil to follow. Many dangers soon began to follow into the world with nothing but destruction on their minds.

The most known race from another world are called the Serentians, a peaceful but powerful race of shape shifters. They are most known for their abilities to become some of the most powerful mythological beings known to man. The Phoenix, The Unicorn and the Dragon. Though they each have their own special forms and abilities. The sea's are protected by it's only known protector, A Mermaid princess of Serenity. ( If anyone would like to play a Serenitian of there own, PM myself, Aerith Gast Gainsoborugh, or Azura Serenity my mains. Thank you! )

( Just a note, This is a long surviving guild from back in 2000, during the MSN chat days. That is when I created this RP. It lasted even after the MSN chats died off, as I moved to the MSN Groups, and then that was taken off as well. It was then that I moved here, to Gaia. So you can see, this guild is strong and I refuse to let it perish! I love this guild, and all of the people in it. <3 )

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