A guild with a few Rp's Also I do not care how you post as long as it can get to Understandable length It will be fine

Here's the Rule's

1.Cussing is allowed but if you are about to lay out a Stream of them please put in things like Mother #@$&*% to compensate

2.you get three warnings First strike is warning second Strike is warning with threat of being kicked out Third is a Threat that you will be gone soon after that I kick you out

3.No Spamming no Trolling I spot you doing it forget the warnings I give you a kick out the guild door and hope it slams you on The A**

4.Follow Gaia's ToS in case you did not see what that was It Is Gaia's Terms Of Service.................. Obey Them!

5.Do not change The Story Line to fit your needs.That will just make me mad

6.Have some fun and play nice with the other Rper's.....Or Else

7.nearly forgot if you get an Rp Idea Pm and I will read about it if I like I will give you The Thumbs up of approval and make an Extra slot for it

Oh and fill this out please

Gaia Name:
How long have you been Rping:
Favored type of Rp's:
An Example of your Rp Skills Please:

Fill that out and let me read it using this Effects your chances of getting in greatly now continue down to the next message and read on also Give a Mister Green to let me know you read all This

Now here are the Rp's / Look down please that is what the arrow that looks like a V is for

1. Open Space

2. Open Space

Land Of the Fallen Sun
- Welcome to the Land of the Falling Sun. Your purpose of life isn't to take over the world, find the magic crystals of ooooooooo, or skip in meadows. It's to survive in a post-apolitical world.
After World War 5 ((a World War so intense it skips over the other two (I'll give you points if you get the reference))) the world has been left a waist land. The main problems range from nuclear waist to finding food and water.
In this madness there is one group who's managed to take a town and create a new civilization. The only problem: living there would not only cost you an arm and a leg, but your friends arm and leg too.
So what shall you do? Find your own food and water, live in the town, or get shot on the side of the road for a can of food?

Magus Protocol

January 5, 2049. The day of Darkness. A day that all humans will remember. This was the day that the sun imploded and caused a black hole, causing Earth, it's moon, and surrounding planets to be sucked into the eternal darkness. About what seemed like days, finally Earth saw the light. The light of a new sun. But not only that, new forms of humanoid beings. All different in size, shape, color, and features. With these new lifeforms discovered, of course war came with.

Now in the year 2500, the human race has grown more technologically advance, enough improvement to match up with the technology of other races. Most of the human race relies on M.E.C.H.s for military purpose. Except for one small factor. As the years pass by, humans start to...'evolve'. They adapted this from other species. This new evolution enables special humans to have a special psychic connection with their mechs, also adding to their own abilities as humans. The humans call this ability Magus (Pronounced ma-jus). Using this newfound power, Humans now have a new vision of their future. Conquer and Reign. Can the other species stand up to their power with their own Magus? Or will they fall into tyranny?

City of Fallen Angel's
- In the city of Los Angeles you have 2 choices fight or conform the city is on the brink of destruction over run by crime syndicate's mafia's cartel you name it some would would like to help give it a push right over the edge some still believe it can be saved so the question is which are you the pusher or the puller

Terra's Fate - Book One:The Uprising
- Eight hundred years ago when peace between all the races on earth had finally been found. Suddenly Dragon came from nowhere taking over trampling down the technology of man and conquering the world within a day. Back to present day an Resistance has been formed and they are fighting for freedom of every race. Will you join them or will you join the King's army?

Forest of Eve

Five tribes of people have shared a vast forest for hundreds of years in piece. The forest of eve is split into four sectors, each home to a specific tribe of people. The southern sector of the forest belongs to the Tanuki (Badger) tribe, characterized by their traditional stripped masks and their underground housing. Members of the Tanuki tribe are generally docile, nocturnal, but tend to be very territorial. In the west is the Watarigarasu (Crow) tribe. Watarigasu are ruthless and fast. They make homes in trees and adorn themselves with black feathers. In the east are the Okami (wolf) and Ooshika (moose) [can be changed to dear. I just like ooshika better then Shika ^^] tribes. The two have fought over the territory for ages, both believing they have the right to it. The Okami tribe are cunning and strong, carnivorous hunters. They're usually born with wolf ears, tails, or both. Ooshika are gentle and stealthy. Ooshika males wear buck antlers, the larger the antlers the more powerful the position. Females are...rather unremarkable. Finally, in the north is the Usagi (rabbit) tribe. Members of the Usagi have long rabbit ears and black eyes. Usagi are incredibly fast and quiet.
For many years Eve was left in piece, but recently the Okami tribe has been seeking out more territory for their expanding tribe, willing to take it from whoever they need to. And a new threat is starting to unravel: outsiders who want the forest destroyed for use of the resources