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Greetings! You've stumbled upon the Female Metalheads guild, a gathering place for - you guessed it
- females who enjoy their metal. If you're interested in joining our swarming legion of metal warriors,
please continue reading. (;

You may be asking yourself why this is a guild for female metalheads in particular. The answer is simple
male metalheads vastly outnumber the female fans of the genre. A feeling of camaraderie and
sisterhood is sometimes desired by the women who take part in metal, whether they be in a band,
organize shows, write reviews, or simply attend shows and listen to metal with a feverish constancy
not unlike that of hordes of Viking pillagers.
That's why.

Since we're banding together to spread our love of metal, it's not necessary for you to have
godlike knowledge on the subject; we're all still rifling through this music in awe of what is out
there, and having other people to point us in the direction of some great music is always helpful.
Basically we're not an elitist metal guild. However, we discourage "SLIPKNOT IZ THA BEST"
types of threads.
If you are not a person who does this, you'll be accepted. (:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Band recommendations
Write reviews
Post upcoming shows
Show us your band (if you're in one)
Chat with us (this guild is not strictly metal!)
To be accepted, simply tell us why you want to join, and a metal band you enjoy.
After you are accepted, please introduce yourself in the sticky before posting any new threads.

Do not:
Post about nu-metal and hardcore bands, ie. Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Brokencyde, etc.
Advertise another guild. That's just rude.
Flame others or troll.
While spelling and grammar are not our biggest concern, we encourage you to make your
posts legible. plz dun typ lik dis kklol?