Welcome to Fangs and Claws, a guild full of roleplays (or in the works roleplays) that have to do with many different creatures.
Here, you can roleplay in popular subjects such as Wolf's Rain and Inuyasha, or you can try your hand in the Werewolf Rising or Kitsune Nation roleplays, where fantasy creatures and humans meet. There are also semi-realistic animal-based and animal-based fantasy roleplays to choose from, and if none of that interests you, you can make your own roleplay[s] here! If your personal roleplay becomes popular enough, it could even get its own sub-forum!

Basic Rules
~ Fill out application form below to join.
~ Average rating here is PG13, keep it that way.
~ Gaia Terms/Conditions Apply.
~ There are more rules inside the guild; read & follow them all.

Please put this in your request to join. (fill it out, of course)

Gaia username:
How you will benefit the guild:
How active you will be:
Role-play sample: (a paragraph of how you usually roleplay)*

*We test your roleplaying abilities because we like literate and semi-experienced roleplayers to join. It's not exclusive or anything, but it's best to at least know basic English and grammar/sentence structure before you try to roleplay here.