War.... War never changes. When the atomic bombs where launched by the ignorance of men in power there world would forever change the land known as America. While in the west a New country is formed and in the east the water seems to purify itself there lays the lands between the two events. as vault 27 opened its iron doors to let loose the 300 surviving people from the first population of 2000 in 2127, they saw that the land was destroyed by nuclear fires after only 50 years within the vault. This group would later spread out and colonize what once was the plains of Oklahoma.

However as time passes evolution takes hold and soon a new group of creatures called 'Drakes' start to overwhelm the settlers. These drakes would later be hunted, bred, and then tamed by the settlers in a 100 year span. Thus once all was said and done the population of five hundred settlers founded Drake City in the Oklahoma wastes near what was then called Tulsa from what the archives have shown. Now in the year of 2301 march tenth, scouts of the NCR find 'Drake land' a successful Country of its own right served in the ancient values of monarchy.

Now it's time for your story, Will you be a NCR soldier in hopes of annexing this new land or will you be a citizen of Drake land and protect its interests from this invading democracy.