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Hi! I'm Eighth Diviner, and welcome to Fairy Tail Crisis Core! I assure that you all will enjoy your stay here in Fairy Tail!

Guilds from all around Fiore have rose up to prestige, some have been reconstructed while others continue their proud glory. Mages from all sorts and sizes have stepped up to the plate to prove they have what it takes to be the best of the best. The question is...are you one of them?


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Guild Alliances

None As Of Yet

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Book 1: Forsaken Sorcery
Chapter 1: Strange Rumors

With 12 years after Natsu's journey with his pals in Fairy Tail, Fiore has gone through several years of peace. With that very peace, the original gang have gone their separate ways. Thus fore, putting Fairy Tail under new leadership, new members, etc... The story starts 3 months after the Fairy Tail Guild has had their annual S-Class Promotion Trial. Wizards (or mages) have gone back to training and taking up jobs to enhance their skills. However, with the legal guilds alive, so are the dark guilds that linger within the shadows. Rumors spreading around that some of the prominent, both old & new dark guilds have been planning to cause havoc to the legal guilds then to the Magic Council and they will start off with Fairy Tail.


Every guild member can have up to 3 characters to role-play at a time. A member can only have more if requested and can handle more than one character. WELCOME....TO THE FAIRY TAIL FAMILY!!!!



• Fairy Tail: Kaika Ryu

• Sabertooth: Makiro Tenma

• Twilight Ogre: Open

• Lamia Scale: Open

• Blue Pegasus: Open

• Mermaid Heel: Reserved

• Crime Sorcière: Open

• Sylph Labyrinth: Open

• Southern Wolves: Open

• Raven Tail: Mizuki Morino

• Phantom Lord: Open

• Phoenix Grave: Open


~This Guild is a Semi-Literate Fairy Tail Role Play & only accept those who prove themselves to be literate in some way~

~This Guild also enforces all of Gaia's ToS rules and if any are broken the member will be banned immediately~

~To apply for guild membership, one must hit the Join button and submit an application by stating~

1. How active you are on Gaia.
2. How literate you are.
3. Who's your favorite character in Fairy Tail? (Fun Question)
4. How much knowledge you have on Fairy Tail. (Both anime/game wise)
5. How did you find out about us?
6. Brief RP Sample from another guild.

~When your request to join has become acceptred...~

~You are going to want to read the Main Archives and the Profile Archives so you can be filled with all the necessary information.~

~Afterward, go to Profile Archives and copy your skeleton and begin your Roleplay journey.~


All Fairy Tail Lovers Welcome!!!