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The original Eyelien race was founded very long ago by the elders, Honk if You're Aroused, Yami (R.I.P.), Faap, and Smokyhontas. The Eyelien race soon died out after a few of the elders were banned. Now our race is back and as strong as ever. Our purpose is not to entertain Zeb, but to invade topics in towns when called upon. This is called an Eyelien Invasion. Some meet-ups will be organized in advance, while others may be completely random.

-Always attend an invasion while you are online, even if you're AFK at least your presence is felt.
-Don't feed any trolls, ignore them and they'll go away.
-Always wear an eyeball head during invasions.
-Add the word "eye" to any word you possibly can.
Example: "I am pleased to meet you." would translate to "Eye'm pleased to meet you."