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Welcome to Evolution Wrestling Association Unlimited
"We're not only Wrestling Unlimited, We're Wrestling Evolved"
Official EWA Opening Video

EWA, originated in in 1998 as 'Mayhem Wrestling' and then when Gaia Online was formed in 2003,
'Mayhem Wrestling' became EWF (Elite Wrestling Federation) on the gaia forums and it's title history carried over.
EWF was soon moved off site and became known as EWA (Evolutia Wrestling Association) in 2004. 2006
and the current incarnation in 2008 (Evolution Wrestling Association), before coming to the gaia guilds in 2009. EWA's Owner was THE person to bring Wrestling feds to gaia.

EWA has won the Best in the Biz in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
It has produced more first time champions than any guild in history.
It has the largest lineage of championships in it's archives with over 100 championships.
The most original matches/concepts produced
EWA features the most shows, as well as the most tournaments and is often compared to a roleplaying version of WWE itself.

As of 2010, EWA is the only place to go to win a Women's Championship.
EWA features the best tag division, even more so with it's Tag Invitational tournament (first originated in EWA)

It features it's own Skype channel for crew members and non crew members to bounce ideas back and forth. The first Guild to do this!

EWA is on a higher pedestal than other guilds,
we currently are not accepting 'new' accounts that are less than 6 months old, and has less than 100 posts
(without permission)

If you wish to join EWA, please inquire your questions to 'Yukari Clepsydra'

Currently EWA is going through it's 'Unlimited' cycle.
Think of it as a WWE Network that actually got off the ground.
With it's year round tournaments, multiple shows, social media updates and others, EWA has become truly 'unlimited'
It features other 'non-wrestling' roleplays, often ones diverging into fantasy realms, etc.

EWA has spawned several ideas that other guilds have adapted

EWA is the home to the ONLY MMA division
The ONLY Exclusive Crusierweight division show
Gaia's first developmental competition show
The Best Tag Division
Year Round Tournaments
Mugen, the first ever fantasy fantasy wrestling show
A facebook page
Everything you need to know about EWA can be located here
EWA Main Index /About Section

Awards we've received:
Best in the Biz 2010: Best Guild 2nd Place
Best in the Biz 2011: Best Guild: FIRST place
Best in the Biz 2012: Best Guild First place
Best in the Biz 2013: Best Guild First Place

“A merchant who approaches business with the idea of serving the public well has nothing to fear from the competition.”

While others try and imitate us, know that we'll always prove greater.

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Mike Landry

EWA has a monopoly on G-fedding

Jason Byers

EWA is to wrestling guilds what the Clash is to bands: the only one that matters

Weird Fox

EWA is the only thing that makes going on gaia interesting for me. Chrono keeps coming up with new stuff and EWA is, what I consider, to be the number one guild to be at.


EWA just won the war

Claire Hawkins

EWA................need I say more?

Dion Necurat

because everyone and their sister wants to be in EWA. EWA does act as a hub for almost all things g-fedding.

Dallas Cruz

EWA is my home, no matter what you always go back to your home

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