The Eclipse
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis is where it all started....

The land of Equinox used to be a fairly big, peaceful country. The people there were kind and accepting of different specie, and they learned to live with even the strangest races. Inside the land of Equinox, lied the giant kingdom of Comet. They were a great and powerful kingdom, and were feared and respected by the smaller kingdoms. Nothing changed in the Kingdoms inside Equinox.

Nothing. Except the light that shined from the sun.

The sun, or Sola, as the people called it, was always treasured in the kingdoms. It helped bring in crops, rain, and....It brought warmth to the people. However, the people of Comet had no idea that some of the creatures they valued so much for their mystic powers.....Hated the sun. The dark elves, the demons, the necromancers, the mages.....They all despised the bright star. And while the dark powers hated the sun, they treasured the moon. A tiny source of light that shone on the darkness. The light of the moon did not cut into the darkness. That is what they believed. The dark races scorned the sun, and the did it quietly.
They could live with the sun, but oh how they wished they had a kingdom for the moon, and the moon only. So that they didn't have to hide their repugnance for the sun whenever it was mentioned.

Life went on, and people of Comet had no idea of the abhorrence some of their people had for the sun. They bottled up their loathing, and finally....let it out the day the eclipse came.

It came with no warning, and it the sun completely covered their precious moon for 96 hours. Those 96 hours felt like an eternity for the dark races, and they could not contain their rage. So they lashed out. The dark races accused the people of Comet for doing this, claiming that they did this for their own satisfaction, taking in mind none of their feelings towards the sun. To the dark species....The sun was an abomination that covered their only real source of light. The moon.

And it wasn't just the dark species that felt this way. Many of the lighter species felt that the sun was taking away the light of the moon. This conflict continued not just all 96 hours of the Eclipse, but many months later. The land of Equinox split into two, and the smaller kingdoms took their sides. The kingdoms were renamed, claiming their admiration for day or night.

The kingdoms of Lunaria and Solaria were soon born, splitting Equinox in half. Equinox was no longer peaceful. War covered the land, and hatred for Sola and Luna spread. Many species were shunned if they were for the moon or sun. Black magic spread even more, and tension became unbearable.

Treachery was all over. And it still is. Trust no one.

Which side are you for?
Will you choose to harness the power of light or side with the shadows in the dark?

Your Request to join should include:
If you are literate or not.
How often you are online.
A pledge promising you will give your very best, 100% to this guild.
A promise that you will PM a roleplay example to either the VC, or Captain. Both are okay as well.

We would just like to add....

This guild's rules may seem very strong, and a little overbearing, but we here at Equinox assure you that you are fine as your are. We want to push our members as much as possible to make them better role players. We expect full literacy from each of them, but we still understand that some days....You just can't expect a lot from people. And that is completely fine.

When sending an application to join this guild, we advise you one very important thing:

When joining a guild, it's always a kind of slow process. Especially when making your profile, and posting. We, the crew at Equinox, will be honest. Your first characters....They will be a pain in the butt. Mainly because, we'd like the very first characters you make to be the best they can be. We need foundations in your characters, so you can build on them. Build on them to create a truly wonderful plot, and bonds that are inseparable between characters.

The expectations with your first characters may get a bit annoying, but that's to be expected. We want your very best. c:

Sincerely, The Crew.