The goal of our Guild is to provide our members with high quality Role Plays that allow them to expand their creativity freely in a very deep and well thought out World but also make it simple enough for someone who has never Role Played before to understand.

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Currently we have 6 Main Role Plays: a Fantasy RP, a SciFi RP, an Asian Fantasy RP, a Near Future RP, A Steam Punk Fantasy RP, and a Post Apocalypse RP, and we have plans to expand further. All of our RPs are in the same basic format: 2 Subforums are dedicated to each RP. 1 Subforum is for the characters, and the other is the RP world, and each topic in that Subforum is a different place for your character to travel to.

Guild Rules:
1. No spam.
2. Keep it PG-13.
3. Be semi-literate.
4. Be nice.
5. No Godmodding.
6. No auto hitting/killing.
7. Characters can only die if the owner is ok with their character dying.
8. And of course obey the Gaia TOS

For Applications: If you have been in another Role Play before please put a Link to it in your Application. If not don't worry, your application will most likely be accepted, it is just I would like to see what your style is.

(If your application is not accepted in 1 week please PM Star Wars Kid and I will process it ASAP)

For Donations:
Please stop donating to the Guild directly. The Gold can only be used to make more subforums and we have more than enough to make all that we need. If you wish to show your support to the Guild please open a trade with the Guild mule Luvia Bloodmire.