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In a realm where technology is practically nonexistent lived human who had bonded to Mother Earth in order to survive. The years was 2300. Earth as we knew it was gone. Tornadoes had ravaged the Midwest, On the coasts Tsunamis took out whole cities. Humanity's only choice was to appease Mother Earth. And so they took humans from all over the globe and attempted to sacrifice them in each element. The humans called the "Offering" pleaded with Mother Earth. For 7 days and 7 nights until finally on the 8 day when they thought all hope was lost, Mother Earth heeded them and gave them powers based on how they were going to be killed. In turn the Offering's owed Mother Earth and she only told them this. "Live on, clean up our world and know that I will call upon you when you are needed again. Though you may not be in this form." With a burst of light powers were bestowed upon them. All nine of them received the ability to shift into Wolves and then each one got an additional power. Each got an elemental power. For decades after, they gathered all the garbage on earth and incinerated it using their powers. But it was too much, the world had become overwhelmed with garbage. Even as they cleaned it, the humans who had not been blessed were contaminating the world again.

It was exactly 3 generations later that Mother Earth called up them and demanded that each of them deliver on their promise. She wanted them to destroy the company's that caused such garbage. Burn away all garbage dumps, destroy cars that caused such terrible pollution. It would come with a cost she told them. The economy would probably go down as "crime" went up. She insisted that the only crime was letting this garbage remain on Earth.

It was then that the mission begun. They would be forced to abandon their lives and live on as elemental wolves, only shifting in cases where missions required it. But things only got worse. After having to fake their own deaths, the wolf humans were now being hunted by an organization who had noticed the declining economy. In addition to all that, the wolves in their souls want freedom. Who will win? The hunters or the hunted? Humans or the wolves in their hearts?

Where you are

The Role-play will begin with you living in a small cabin sharing rooms with one another. The bedrooms only has basic furniture. A set of bunk beds, two dressers with a mirror. There is no bathroom or bathtub. All "business" must be done outside. Most of the people shift forms to do it. There is a lake right behind the house where they bathe. There is no fridge or freezer. All food must be kept cold in the lake. Their "stove" is a fire pit in the middle of the "kitchen" and that's about it. Light sources are candles and the fire in the kitchen. It is a wooden cabin and there is constant work to be done because they just got there a week ago. All food must be grown or caught because everyone believes you are dead. The nearest town is 20 miles away. So you get the gist of it. No technology EXCEPT the ONE magical technology item each girl is allowed to have to receive missions for Mother Earth. It will also do normal features. It must be something you can carry on you. .

The Mood

Tensions are high and everyone tries to get along. Everyone is awaiting Mother Earth's first mission. Expect there to be tears and fights as everyone struggles to get along.

- Follow Gaia TOS.
Don't be reported.
- Cussing is fine.
To an extent. Too much cussing and I will give you a warning. After that I will have to remove you.
- No discrimination.
We're all equals. Don't pick on others.
- I have a three strike rule.
Three strikes and you're out. I'm not afraid to boot you.
- Spell and grammer check please.
It makes your posts neat and easy for others to understand.
- Use proper capitalization and punctuation!
Also, make sure to space out your words, unless your character is talking reallyreallyfast.
- No text talk.
I really hate it. No 1 cn undstnd u lke dis. Spell your numbers and abbreviations out!
- Quitting?
If you are going to quit, let me know! We'll miss you.
If you leave, then I'll know and tell the others. Plus, that will get the guild moving!
- Did you read?
If you read this, then please post saying you did so. Tell me you agree!
- Have fun!
Have a great time in this guild. It's meant to make fun!

When Joining
When Joining include a role-play sample on how your character would react based on the setting of the role-play.