If you were invited to the ED Politics Regulars guild here, then that means that we have deemed you a regular.

You are now worthy of joining our secret illuminati-like globalist NWO agenda.

Or perhaps you view it as an environmentalist's agenda to take over the world with a carbon tax and place Al Gore as humanity's god king.

Or perhaps there is a neocon conspiracy in order to take over the world via use of America's military might.

Maybe you believe the liberal media pulls the strings which results in all of the political happenings of Washington.

Or perhaps the bourgeoisie is keepin' you down, viva la revolucion, and all that jazz.

Conversely, you may just hate the Feds and want to privatize the hell out of everything.

Or maybe you're just an "Independent", a "Centrist" or a "Moderate." Perhaps an independant centrist moderate.

Or perhaps you're just an Australian with a fetish for MANDATORY VOTING >_>

Well, whatever you may be, leave it at the door before you enter the forums. Rarely do we folks of EDP get a chance to talk about things that aren't related to politics. Just sit back, chill out, and don't push your political beliefs down the throats of others. This isn't a political debate forum. If you want that you go here.

Follow the rules and have fun.


If you want to join the guild, just hit one of us a PM.

tl;dr: A guild reserved for regular participants from Gaia Online's Extended Discussion Political subforum. Please only discuss politics over here.