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Dutchwood is a place where time itself has stood still and danced in place. Here you'll find practically anyone from anywhere, this is the santuary for those who need it most. The city itself is old as the tweleth century. Practically every culture lives vibrately here, colors from around the world blended into the same place, breathing in harmony. No culture ever dies here, and no one could ever take away the city, the last person who tried was killed violently, and a law was put up to never move the ones of the body from the town sqare, even the blood stains are still there. The town is still mostly original, a few shops and such have been built over some of the places so old that they literally fell apart. Most buildings are stone, and the original houses are either small or mansion sized, but of course there are also newer houses too. The forest outside the city goes on for miles, and elves can even be found there. It's illegal for any building to be torn down without a special permission from the Mayor unless a fire, or the building falls from age.

History Of Dutchwood.

Dutchwood has served as a santuary for practically anyone for over a thousand years. Witches often came here during witch hunts, and criminals looking for a new start. Unfortunatly, criminals who didn't start a new completely, were punished severely depending on how much they'd taken advantage of the city's generousity to forget their old crimes in the first place. Founders of Dutchwood include the the following families : Nee, Dezodien.

Laws of Dutchwood.

~ No stealing

~ No destroying of property whatsoever without city permission.

~ No Murder unless justivied.

~ All crimes in general will be punshed accordingly.

~ Drinking age is set by Gaurdian.

---- These are basic laws, qestions please be taken to the Mayor.

Enjoy the roleplay!

RULES BABY. (Read it, please)
Godmodding is annoying, However if you do, Do not fret, The other Character can Accept or Dodge your hit even If you have already put that the other Character was bleeding from it or whatever.

if you are roleplaying with another person, I suggest you check their Profile, NO PICTURES IN ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE PROFILES.

Violence is is reccomended.

DO NOT IMMEDIATELY SAY YOUR CHARACTER IS KING OF THE WORLD OR SOMETHING. Strength and Power is very nice, I don't mind it, But if you go blow up a Grocery store or something, Please ask someone first.

The Police can and Will take you down, Though they take a long time to get there so, You have a good chance of getting away.

Cybering? You are allowed to dance on the lines of PG-13 and Something teenagers shouldn't be allowed to see. I SAID DANCE, BUT DO NOT CROSS THE LINE.*TIME SKIPS RECOMMENDED.

Please do not Dodge every hit, You must somehow be hit at some point.

Please be active, if you gotta go to Tarterus or something, Say so on your Profile.