Welcome to Donations Bridge. Morgonian Founded Donations Bridge on Feb 3, 2011. At the moment, Morgonian is my boss, though I plan on buying the rights to the guild from her soon.

Attention: Members and Prospective Members, I know it seems that Donations Bridge is not doing it's job to help everyone, but the crew members of DB are trying their best to help grant your wishes as fast as possible. Though, at the moment my income has drops fearsly, and I've promised many times that I would be able too full-fill my duties as the owner and captain of the guild, I have done falsely up to this point, not meeting my criteria. Though, even though I can not full-fill my hopes at this point, I do have sponsors in wait. Check it out and learn more about the sponsors and their criteria by visiting this link: http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=23482965

Note If the fee is to much for you to pay please pm me (Yaps) or my secretary (Panda) the amount you can afford. Though 1k is a small price to pay for 100k right? Plus, be active and your TAB will accumulate and before you know its, you'll get items you could'nt before.

A Few rules before we start and before you decide to join
1. You MUST be ACTIVE in this guild or you can not receive donations
Guild Clean Outs happen once a month but only 5 inactive members will be removed each time, because the list is so long.
2. You MUST tend to at least one event each year
New! 3. You MUST post as much as possible, in the guild's CHAT ROOM!
4. You MUST be considerate, motivated and Dedicated to the Guild.
New! 5. You MUST attend events, post, or donate to accumulate TAB which is used to grant your wish. Check out the TAB Topic.

and don't forget to HAVE FUN!!!!

Rules Terminated:
3. You MUST donate at least 5k or more a year to either the guild or my account.
There is no way top track how much you've dated per year, only shows total donation.

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XxLonelyPandaxX -

Wanna be a sponsor and get great Employee benefits? Sign up today by going to the Working for Donations Bridge subforum and filling out your application or click on the Employees and benefits breakdown to see your substantial benefits.

*Wanna work for donations bridge and get amazing benefits and discounts? Go to Working for Donations Bridge Subforum and submit your application for the job listing your interested in. Keep in mind you may not get the listing you intended to get and you can apply up to 3 job listings at a time. Please read the announcement and sticky's before applying.