we live in, and now they've come to stay and live on, creating more and more experimented humans who now have demon souls.

In the late 1700's, Nalia, The Blazing blue hair and eyes experiment went lose, along with 11 others. They made more of their kind with their species. And now only few humans know about them, The Government are having trouble keeping it out of the news, and the people are getting more and more curious as little secrets leak out.

So`ru academy
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Shortly after the Omegas escaped their confinement, the scientists realised their mistake. Scrambling to fix their error, they created new beings to counter the Omegas: another twelve children who were genetically altered using the DNA of each of the Omegas. This time, though, the scientists manipulated them to make them have less emotions and to fight to kill. Each of these abominations had a counterpart – one of the Omegas. They, too, had powers, but these ones were specifically designed to counteract the ones of the corresponding Omega. For example, if an Omega had the ability to manipulate fire, the counterpart would have the ability to manipulate water. They called these creatures the Hunters and Huntresses, because they are programmed to find and dispose of their targets, which they can locate similar to an internal homing beacon. Each Hunter or Huntress is an identical image of their Omega counterpart, and thus can easily pretend to be their counterpart, provided they get the personality correct. 

To clarify: 
Hunters/Huntresses are beings created from DNA of their respective Omega, e.g. Pink’s counterpart contains her DNA. 
Hunters/Huntresses have little to no emotions. 
Hunters/Huntresses have the power that would trump their counterpart, e.g. A fire-manipulating Omega would have a water-manipulating Hunter/Huntress. 
Hunters/Huntresses are programmed to locate their targets. 
Hunters/Huntresses are identical to their counterparts. 

Midnight academy
~Mythical creatures~
Koletis academy
~based upon a book, also has mythical creatures but more limited.~
Genosha Academy
~ based upon x-men~