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This guild was The Eternal Realm of Vampires. I decided it was time for a name change.


A Vampire/Lycan/Demon/Hunter roleplay guild. Set in modern day New York, the city with the most nightwalkers in the world. Demons have also been known to lurk in in the shadows, but are rarely seen and are known to be few in number.

The legendary war between the Vampires and the Lycans continues, though is less hostile than it once was. Every month or so, it may flare up once a new storyline is introduced to the guild, may it be a hunter framing a vampire or mass carnage amoung the ranks, New York has it all.

The mortals who aren't hunters are blissfully ignorant to the goings on of the undead/nightwalkers, and the elders work hard to make sure it's kept that way. Think you have what it takes to join the fight? You've come to the right place...

First created on December 1st 2003


  • No spamming.
  • No God moding.
  • No netspeak.
  • Try and use description.
  • There will be no killing other members without their consent. I know that'll make it harder for hunters, but please, just seriously injure. No kill.
  • Respect the Admin and Mods.
  • Gaia rules still apply, keep it PG-13 guys.
  • I can't stress enough about the mortals.. No making an exhibition of yourself, we don't want the FBI catching on or something.
  • One character per account. I mean it.
  • Remember to recruit in your respective stickie ((Eg. Vampires go to the Vampire Stickie and follow the instructions))
  • Cursing is allowed but keep it to a minimum.
  • No hybrids.
  • Please try and use proper spelling and grammar... Most RPers ignore people who can't be bothered to type things out properly.
  • When posting an Out of Character comment, please use OOC bubbles or the Official OOC Thread.
  • When applying, put somewhere in the joining form "Cheese doodles" so I know you've read the rules.
  • Respect hideout privacy. If you are a Vampire, do not go into the Lycan hideout. Stay in your own hideouts please. But places like Central Park and the Sewers which are controlled by races, are perfectly fine to venture in to. As long as you don't mind getting confronted.
  • When applying to join, please type a detailed reason why you should be allowed to join. I will only be accepting those I think are suitable from what I read in their request.
  • Please read the FAQ.
  • The RP will always take place at night, but there is one thread specifically for daylight RPs.
  • If you wish to create a new area, please PM me with your idea and let me confirm it first.
  • If you are wanting to quit the guild, please tell us before hand.

Please Remember, New York is a busy city even at night. So be realistic. I know this is an RP, but please, I don't want you running riot. Mortals do exist, and they do get suspicious. Be sensible. Think before you act.

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