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Welcome to Demon's Isle!!!

This guild is for TRUE rpers only. Meaning I want semi literate people who will join and post and if not interested will leave. This is not a lecture or a rule page so I will skip the formalities for now.

This "guild" or rather Island is a heaven for mythical creatures. Most of these creatures are considered evil by mortals. Funny thing about this Island wit even has a settlement of mortal humans here. This provides food and also more conflict on the island. I said 'more" because each of the "demon" races wants something. Whether it be revenge, Powers, etc...

7 dangerous regions filled from shore to shore with terrors

- Bloody Fang -
This region is a Big city its main residents are half-humans. This means Kitsune (fox people), Neko (cat people), Lycans (wolf people), etc...

- Crimson Tears -
This region is also a city. The main Race Here Is Vampires and human blood slaves. This city is most avoided by wanders for the shear violence.

- Devils Wood-
This region is all woods with a village or two in them. This region is really hard to live in and is really hard to survive in alone. There are too many Perls in the woods to fight off, Animals, plants, waterfalls, and ragged cliffs, etc... The main races that live in this region are wood imps, elves, and fairies.

- Sun Rise City -
This is a beautiful region The only one on the whole island that gets sunlight hence its name. The main race in this city are humans because their need for sun light and existence in it.

- Raging life-
This region has one city at the base of its glorious and beautiful mountains. These montians are home to dragons, trolls, dwarfs, etc... the town is full of all kind of races.

- Dead City -
This region is full of the dead. The city is inhabitted by Ghost, spirit sprites, skeletons, reapers, etc... this is a city for those not among the living anymore.

- unknown -
This region is undiscovered and unknown. we do not know what lives there and what may come from it. hopefully one day we will discover and know uit ((this region is acctually going to be discovered by a winner of a contest in the guild. More on this in the guild....))

(((THE regions has a short paragraph and pics about them but it is underconstruction so bear with me)))

A profile must be presented in your request because I don't want to wait forever for you to fill one out as you rp in the guild! This Profile once excepted you will have ready to post in the Biographys post in the main fourm. You profiles do not have to be really long but explian how you came to the island,and how you picked you region, thats all.

Profile forms:

Strengths: (((these are your powers limit is two)))
Weaknesses:((must have at least two))

Thank you so much for your time,
The-true-crazy-one a.k.a Rose