New Members Post in the prologue if you have not posted already please and thank you

We play game for fun, nothing more.
For the name of the dark lord, we sacrifice anyone who comes upon us in games and laugh as we possibly die along side.
Yes, we do team killing sometimes but when we feel like getting serious about a round of whatever it is we're playing, we'll get it done.
There is no real fee to join our random dark gaming, only a soul or two (doesn't have to be yours actually)
We always party chat on xbox, so its not this awkward gaming of silence. Just be prepared for random shouts of excitement or rage.
To add to this, we also do achievement hunting. We help out those who need help and help those who wish to raise their gamerscore.
Now we have simple rules to follow while here and while among us when we're gaming

1. Follow gaia TOS (don't know them? Go read and then get back to us)
2. Respect ALL game gender and sexuality. No hate or harassment over a girl gamer, CAUSE they do exist. (statistic show that female gaming number is greater then males/ Trolling isn't allowed beyond this point so don't bring it here)
3. Swear your loyalty to dark lord (If you don't, we'll just steal your soul)
4. Swearing must be kept to a minimal.
5. When joining, please say something along the line of soul giving/ sacrificing so we know you read these rules and understand that you're accepting our terms
6. IF you break any of these rules or offend anyone you will get a warning, 3 warnings go by and you're still acting a fool, we'll put you on our sacrificing table and you'll become one with the dark lord (Or in other terms, kicked)
7. Keep posts in respected place/ organized.

As the guild grows, expect edits and addition to this
For those who make their on threads, make sure they are actually actually able to be replied to.
WE the members cannot stress this enough when threads are made and not much is said/ able to be worked on to reply to.