Welcome to Dark Gaian World Domination!

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''Yet from those flames No light, but rather darkness visible."

Welcome to the dark gaian world domination guild. If you would like to join you must first meet some requirements.
One:you must have a mostly black or dark avatar. Two:you must want to rule the world.
Three:you must give all your gold to me, the captain.Four:the last rule was a joke. We're pretty new but when
we get up and running better and we have more members we might have contests and giveaways.
And remember...if your not evil....you WILL BE DESTROYED HERE

To Join:
Fill out these few simple questions in your Join Request form.
(Hint: Theres a password that should go in question 4 that youd know if you read the rules)
1. Why you wanna Join the Guild
2. Will you tell anyone else to Join the Guild?
3. Will you Help with the Guild ?
4. Will you be Active in the guild ?

If you would like to meet some leaders in person then please head over to our headquarters.



1.Keep in line with the Gaia Online ToS
2.Keep quotes to a minimum
3.Respect the Moderators!
4.No Spamming
5.No Cybering
6.No flaming please. If a problem arises with one of the users, please ask him/her to stop. If that attempt is unsuccessful please contact one of the mods.
7.No Role-Playing outside the Role-Playing Stickies
8.If your thread has the potential to be a spoiler, please include SPOILER in the title in some format please
9.DO NOT make repeat threads, if there is already a thread with your topic in existence I (or one of the mods) will lock the thread and make it an example to the rest of the guild.
10.DO NOT BUMP THREADS! The ONLY exception to this rule is if the thread has moved to the 2nd page (which is unlikely for now)
11.DO NOT BEG for Gold/Items/Donations! Make a quest thread in the Quests Sub-Forum and I will put it into the affiliates list or move to the charity forum
12.DO NOT make threads such as "Need help?" or "Ask me questions about the game". Instead I would prefer that people who have questions make a thread about it so everyone has a shot at answering the questions
13.DO NOT make Quiz Threads
14.ALWAYS read the very first post.
15.DO NOT PM the Captain, Vice-Captain, or any of the moderators to join the guild, unless a special circumstance has risen that would require us to invite you. You will have to explain said circumstance, and if we feel that it is plausible, then we may invite you. However, if you were BANNED by a mod from the guild, then we will NOT invite you, ever. So don't even ask.
16.DO NOT harass mods by begging for gold, items, etc... Your PMs will be ignored, and you may end up receiving a reprimand within the guild for such behavior.
17.If your join request was rejected, do not harass the moderators about it, as it will considerably lessen ANY chance of you joining the guild.
18 No Insluting the Guild that it suck,Lame,Blw,Ect

These Code will be in warning of 5, get 5 warning and your Out

To all current members and new members: We expect activeness in this guild. You WILL be dropped if you do not post.