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~We are currently editing a few things around the guild, but nothing major so don't feel alarmed if something looks different than it did a couple days ago!~

♫Accepting requests for fun ideas for the guild! Send ideas to our mule through PM (things like contest ideas, thread ideas, etc.) Mule: I am Richter Abend ♫

♪Please donate to the guild by sendind your donations to our mule account so we can hold contests with awesome prozes! Mule: I am Richter Abend ♪

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heart ~About Dance: The Asian Way~ heart

We are a guild dedicated to dance within all asian culture past,
present and future. This guild is for people who
like to dance to asian music/ listen to asian music/(and/or)observe and appreciate asian dances.
We are not only a guild about just dance,
we also have sub-forums dedicated to things such as
Anime, music, pop-culture and fashion!

If you are someone who loves all the things
mentioned above this is the guild for you!

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dramallama ~Random Info~ dramallama

We cover all Asian contries, not just Japan, Korea and China!

We love every dance style from hip-hop to traditional asian dances.

We encourage the learning of dance of any kind!

We are a semi-literate to literate guild

The mods and owner of this guild are part of a dance team dedicated to
dancing to awesome asian music! (and other stuff every once in a while!)

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wahmbulance ~Joining Dance: The Asian Way~ wahmbulance

We accept everyone into the guild!

There is no entry fee so don't worry about it!

There is also no form to fill out.

We hope to see you here!! ~ heart

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