Classy:A Guild For Literate RolePlayers

Explanation of guild:
This is a guild that allows all RolePlaying types, except cybering!


1.Follow the Gaiaonline TOS.
4.No talking out of character unless you're in a OOC forum, or you say OOC:, or if you use brackets (()) [[]].
5.NO BUMPING!!! Unless it is a OOC thread.
6.No harassing other guild members.
7.No advertising without my permission (you have to pay a 5k fee to advertise).
8.No God modding.
9.No killing other players characters without their permission.


This is a literate RolePlaying guild, so please, if you are very illiterate don’t RolePlay here.

Please keep this guild ACTIVE. If you help a lot you will be posted on a white-list on the front page of the guild.

You earn your RANK in the guild by number of posts and how active you are.


The Entity:Anchou
The Supremes:
Overlords:( serene[[..]]destruction ); The Frogger; Native Foreigner; Fujiwara Kazunari
Peons:Everyone else

The Entity=The ruler of all in the guild.
The Supremes=The people that are almost as important as The Entity, they are in charge of everything just like The Entity (they take my place while I’m gone).
Overlords=The people that help run the guild and keep it going (they do things like enforce the rules and keep people in line).
Captains=Those who have been in the forum for a long time, and/or people that post a lot and are very active.
Soldiers=Those who have been in for awhile, or have posted a good amount.
Peons=Where everyone starts at, once they send in the application form.

Vahn Blackfeather (for giving 10k to support the guild). The Frogger (for being awesome)