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ωҽ ʅςσɱҽ ȶσ ȶɧҽ ςαȿȶʅҽ σғ ȿαғҽ ɧαѵҽɳ

Deep in the mountains isolated from civilization lies the castle. Many don't know of its existence for it is cloaked in mist to hide itself from those who wish harm upon the Vampires. They are lead by their Lordship Leon Valentine, master of the castle. The castle is one of many safe havens for his people. All are welcomed to his Castle. But be forewarned as nothing seems to be what it is. Many dark secrets are locked behind closed doors; doors that shouldn't be opened.

ɪϻϼɵɍȶɑπȶ ϸεɵϸʃε:
Captain: LordVampyrLeon
Vice Captain: Oblivion Queen
Vice Captain: KIWIGIRL1

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