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It is now the Golden Millenium. Thousands and thousands of years have passed since the war between Percy and the Titan Lord Kronos. Percy has passed away while Kronos is regaining his form once again. The Minor gods now have cabins for their children. Mr.D is still with us since he messed with Zeus's Master Bolt, so he's with us for another one hundred years. All new demigods are being claimed everyday along with thousands of satyrs searching for unclaimed demigods. Kronos is drawing near. The evil lord must be stopped. Can you the Demigods and Hunters and all the other types of warrriors take down Kronos and the Titans?

How to Apply
Just click that little button up there that says 'join guild' and tell us why you'd want to!

1.Respect all members
2. Don't be all talking in text and gangster talk or something.
3. If you sent a request to become a God or Goddess don't send another one or I'll deny it.
4. Don't Spam!!!
5. Keep it PG 13
6. You only have a magical weapon if a God or Goddess gives one to you.
7. If you're a God or Goddess you can't give a magical item to a camper unless I approve.
8. Follow the TOS!!!
9. Post 5 times a week!
11. If you wanna be claimed by a certain God/Goddess then PM me or the Vice Captain and we'll tell you what we'll do.

If you want to be a God either PM or comment BlazingInfernoPheonix explaining why.

A full list of Gods and who plays them can be found inside the guild.

Partner guilds:
Camp Half-Blood: Age of the Gods
Camp Half-Blood: After the War

Banner Created by- camomatt
Art used for banner by- sonic5590 (
Guild Home designed by - LollyxBeans
Art used - God of War