Everyone knows that the evil Titan Kronos had been defeated by the demigods of Camp Half-Blood years ago. The half bloods thought that, finally, they'd have nothing but monsters to worry about. But, in the demigod world, peace never does last long. Artemis broke her oath, having two children. Everyone knew that this meant something bad would most likely happen. Seventeen years after Kronos had been defeated, a new prophecy was told about a son of Kronos. When the campers knew about this, they knew that this might give Kronos another chance to rise once again, but stronger this time. The prophecy tells of a son of Kronos rising and choosing whether or not he wants to help his father rise again. It also says that the children of Artemis will befriend Kronos, playing a huge part in the son's decision. Some campers - evil ones - wanted this to happen while most others were determined to make sure that the son of Kronos is good. In the end, it is up to Kronos' son to decide the fate of Olympus.

Son of Kronos: StolenKidney
Son of Artemis (Full brother of the daughter of Artemis. He's 16): PosiedonRulez
Daughter of Artemis (Full sister of the sons of Artemis. She's 17): Smexy Lexi2
Son of Hades (Daughter of Hades' full brother): I Am killua
Daughter of Hades (Son of Hades's full brother): Beautiful Little Minion
Son of Poseidon: StolenKidney
Daughter of Hermes: XxLegally_BitchyxX
Son of Hecate: MrDevDev
Daughter of Ares: Beautiful Little Minion
Son of Athena: Sh3H3artsN3rds
Son of Zeus: MrDevDev

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