Caltharia is a medieval, fantasy world where mythical creatures roam and you can be one of several different fictional races! Create your own story or simply join an existing one!

Slay Orc! Hunt for long forgotten treasure! Explore the magical cities of this wonderfully imaginative world! Bardavos, the city of artists, is waiting for you.

Who can join?
Anybody that has a love or curiosity of roleplaying can join, as long as they are seriously interested.

What is so different about this Guild?
We offer YOU, the members, the opportunity to create your own storylines! All you have to do is fill out a "Story Creation" form, send it to the Captain or Vice Captains, wait to approval and "voila" your very own story to run!

What characters can I play?
Our lists of playable creatures include: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Brownines, Gnomes and Orcs. Every member will be expected to create a Character Description before they will be allowed to join a story and start posting. Be true to not only you races but the Caltharian world as well. If you have any questions about what fits into this fictional world, there is a topic on the main forum for you to ask them.

What about literacy?
While we welcome people of all experience and literacy levels, there is a certain level of literacy that will be upheld. Quantity is not an issue but the QUALITY of your posts will be. Make sure your posts make sense, flow fluidly, have minimal spelling and grammar mistakes, and detail, detail, detail!

What should be in my "Joining Request"?
Just a brief (1 to 2 paragraph) preview of your writing abilities. We want to make sure that we only accept people who are serious about joining the guild and have a true desire for roleplaying.

There will be contests and sweepstakes regularly in the Guild where you will be given a chance to compete for/ win prizes such as gold or items.

Crew Members?
We are currently looking for both Vice Captains and Crew Members.

The Crew Members will be in charge of giving constructive criticism about members Character Descriptions and helping them to the approval process. Any questions that members have can be answered by the crew and finally, they will be in charge of making sure that everyone is following the Guild Rules.

The Vice Captains will be in charge of approving both Character Descriptions and Story Proposals. Also, they have all of the same responsibilities as the Crew Members, helping out when they have time or the Crew seem to be struggling.

And of course, every Crew Member and Vice Captain can create and run their own stories! Just simply fill out the "Story Creation" form and post it in the "Crew Members" sub-forum.