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Byako, a massive city hundreds of miles in size containing forests, mountains, towns, rivers and oceans within its borders. A city filled with a vast variety and much randomness.
A place where random events are common practice, where the cities locations move about of their own and even the streets are known to occasionally forget traffic laws!
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a magnificent prosperous City. Everything seems peaceful on the surface, but below the scenes it's a whole different story. Different factions plot, manipulate, steal and kill to take control of the entire city.

Some want to take control through money or by force of arms.
Some just want to live in peace, or to find out who they are.
Some don't want Byako to exist at all and will destroy it by any means possible: weapons, magic, whatever they have on hand.
There are also people who only care about saving innocent lives, no matter who those people may be.
And then there are those trying to find the truth behind all that is happening…

Byako, a city where anything can, will, and does happen on a regular basis...

Where a garage for mech repairs can be smack dab between a magical weapon shop and a yoshi stand, and across from a ninja school...

Where anyone and everyone is welcome…

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Aside from the large multi-thread RP at the center of our guild, we also have:

Side RPs!
Many fun and diverse side RPs for people to check out if they want to try something diffrent from the massive multi thread RP!

We have some fine artists and poets within our guild who would do magnificent work for the right price!

Town Talk! Guild Allies!
A thriving chatter community and a number of fancy guild alliances!

And Much Much More!!!

So follow the TOS and you shall be welcomed!
note: include the secret word: “Plushie” in your join request.

We will not demand long paragraphs and personal history for joining but it would be nice if you could put in a sentence or two about why you want to join Byako. Thanks!
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We are allies of some other nice guilds, too, so click this link below to check them out!
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