This is a guild for people dealing with self injury.

Whether you SI, or whether you know someone who does, whether you are trying to stop and loOking for suport, or have no desire to stop and just want a place to talk and feel comfortable--you will be welcome here.

Most of the members of BUS are people who have or still do inflict physical harm on themselves as a way of dealing with overwhelming situations. Although many BUS members are trying to stop hurting themselves (and quite a few are SI-free), a desire to stop is not a requirement for membership.

This guild provides support, understanding, and information.
This guild does not encourage self injury; it only provides a sort of safe haven, a place where you can meet other people who understand what you're going through. You will not be judged here.

If you wish to join BUS ~ Please write a short paragraph about yourself, and why you wish to join the guild. Blank requests will be declined.

There is no shame here.

Please be aware that there is sensitive material in this guild. Some things may be triggering, especially if you are just recovering, so please proceed with caution, and use discretion. The last thing we want to do is influence anyone to make dangerous choices.