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Welcome fellow brony's and pegasisters to Bliss's MLP RP and Gathering!

Please call me Bliss! I'll be your captain on this wonderful journey :3

On a lovely evening of July 14th, 2012 at approximately 11pm, I created a My Little Pony RP residing in its comfy home in the Barton Town. It has grown tremendously, to over 150 pages and 22 <3s. I couldn't be more proud. The RP was equipped with a Character Thread and an OOC Thread, and the plot was progressing smoothly, until we had a mishap. We almost lost a vital member, and that's when the idea to move to a guild blossomed. Idea after idea came into the heads of myself and my crew: ArchMageZer0 and Corailiethe20th.

Inside, you'll find a roleplay (including a new zompony apocalypse RP!), art shops, contests, help with your OC, and a place to meet other members with similar interests other than the show. You don't have to join the roleplay if you join, but I'd love it if you did (: Come and hang out with us!

Want to become affiliates? PM me!

Stop! Don't touch that donate button! Donations to the guild can only be used for subforum, announcement, and chat space purchases, and our guild has way too much gold than it will ever use. Please send all donations to our guild mule, Guildessa Muleo! All gold and items sent her way will only be used to fund contests and guild-related activities. Thank you for your donations!! smile