Welcome to Black Rose Academy. Here at Black Rose Academy, humans and magical beings of all sorts can live under one roof, learn magic and skills and make friends with the other students and residents.

*A b o u t *

Black Rose Academy was created for people who couldn't find a role-play school in Gaia that they liked, didn't have to many members or didn't have many open role plays. We wanted a guild where the members can create places not mentioned before and have a say in things that go on within the crew. We want a mixture of love, fun,drama and battle. And that is why this guild was created.

*H o w To J o i n*

After you click the "Join " button above, you must give a reason. We're not too picky about what you put. all we want is why you want to join this guild Evan if its just because you like school roll plays. Also, please be literate. We should be able to read it but were not to obsessive over spelling and grammar so don't worry to much.

After you go through the reason as to why you want to join and you are accepted, you can now make a character profile. All the information on how to make a character profile is in the Profile Layout forum

Then, your character will be accepted and placed in a dorm. There are four Dorm buildings so there are four Doom rooms north, east, south, and west. If you would like a specific dorm room, message the crew leader saying your character's name and which room you want them in. You can also have a house. Message one of our crew members if you would like to create a house for your character!

*R u l e s*

* Play another members role.
* Spam or Bump-a.k.a. intentionally taking up a forum's space.
* God-mod when battling
*Vampires don't sparkle

* Donate to Lady xTIDx the guild owner (Prizes for events aren't free, you know!)
* Make topics for places I did not mention. (Inform me first, please.).
* Be super Active!(Unless you're on vacation and informed us by posting that in the forum).
* Participate in events.
*keep bad laguage to a minimum.
for more information on TOS click the link below.

*C l a s s e s*

Currently classes are under construction.so not all will be open.


If you want to be a teacher please look here http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=22312889

*The Dorms and rooms*

Black Rose Academy goes by a system of housing. Your student will be assigned a Dorm and room based off of their personalities,age and gender.