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The Story
Balamb Garden is a large building in the middle of a small island called Balamb. Around it, obviously, there is sea. To get to Balamb, you can either take a boat or an underwater train.
Many of you may be thinking "Well, didn't it go to Fisherman's Horizon?". Nope, it didn't. In the game it did, but in this Guild, it hasn't. Most of the characters in the game don't exist in this Guild; there are only the monsters, cities, towns, deserts, etc.

*PLEASE NOTE* This is a LITERATE roleplay guild. If you can't type proper words and sentences, then don't bother joining. We do let people get away with minor things, like some bad spelling or run on sentences... because we aren't a**l about it. BUT if you are too lazy to type out actual words, then your posts will just be deleted.

for those of you interested in joining, please do not feel obligated to send us your profile. Simply introducing yourself, telling a little about you, and why you'd like to join are sufficient. I'd rather see an introduction about yourself, because then the mods can see what you are like. Save the character bios for after you have been accepted please. ^_^

I've joined, now what?
Great! You have been accepted. YAY! Well, read the steps below and you can find out. Whahey! Don't you just love reading?

First of all, you register your character. Make sure you fill out everything in the form, and make sure you send it to Akiyhrah. Otherwise, you'll probably get one of the mods on your back.

Secondly, you read all of the stickies. These contain important information, so it's vital you read them all thoroughly. It'll only take about 3 minutes anyway.

And, last of all, you post! You can post anywhere, unless stated in the thread/sticky/announcement, but make sure you introduce your character in the Balamb Garden thread and check out the Quad to introduce yourself!

Owner Akiyhrah