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Welcome to Bal Masque! This is a guild for Phantom of the Opera fans of all ages and backgrounds! It is a place where you may discuss your likes, dislikes, share your knowledge, and be creative. Feel free to show off your art, fan-fiction, and all of your other Phantom crafts!
Bal Masque is for Leroux fans, Kay fans, Dance fans, Webber fans, Y&K fans, and all other Phantom fans. Whether you feel that Christine should have chosen fair, heroic Raoul or the dark, enigmatic Phantom, this is the place to go for anything Phantom of the Opera!

We are:
The only active Phantom Guild

Requirements for Entry
{Entries are not required for invitees}

1. Please write a short literate paragraph explaining what you like about the phantom story(s).

2. What versions have you read/seen, and which do you prefer and for what reason(s)?

3. A pledge that you will not under ANY circumstances be hateful, uncouth, or disrespectful toward other members and/or their preferences.

The Crew
Neon Charlie
Musique au Coeur

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