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Province was founded by the angels so there they could safely establish a region where humans could thrive. Though they created a safe environment for them, the angels could not keep the human from condemning their own souls and welcoming in demons. Despite best intentions, Province became a war zone over the right to the human souls. And during this great clash, other supernatural creatures made themselves homes in the city of Province. Learning to disguise themselves as humanly as possible, they seduced the humans into begetting their children. Vampires were able to walk in the day, demons were able to manipulate other elements other than that of shadows and darkness, mermen could walk on earth and make themselves at home, werewolves learned to control their shape shift and harness their animal-like rage so that they no longer depended on the moon.

Thus, over the centuries it became an arms race to who has the most powerful children and they encouraged them to pick a fight whenever they crossed streets. The 「 ♔ ROMANO family is a demon centered clan. Leadership shifts between the greater sins of man, Arch Demons, by the decree of the Princes of Hell. Their gang sign of two horns is always plastered on the sides of clubs where they deal. Their specialty is the manufacture and distribution of drugs. They dabble in a little bit of everything from coke to meth. They have held the dominance over the drug market with the help of the purchasing of their own clubs and bars. However, recently they received word of a new prospect: vampire blood. Knowing the addictive nature of the blood, they lept at the chance, even though it meant teaming up with the 「 ♔ SGORIA family, who are run by vampires. Sgoria uses as their gang sign to mark blood banks and hotels where feeding is safe. The sign is a symbol from their ancient language meaning "inward truth." The Sgoria family works under The Syndicate, an ancient group of vampires that function as a sort of council. The teaming up is a huge break from tradition and conventional vampire ways but it also opens new doors since their specialty is prostitution. By using each others' strengths they could potentially use the girls to get new buyers and with the extra cash they may be able to operate swankier joints for their girls, rather than motels and street walking.

The angels operate under the name 「 ♔ LUCCHESTA and focus on gambling. Their gang sign of two wings and michael's blade is tattooed on their bodies. The dip into the criminal world is still a heated topic among the seraphim. The logic of some is that it is their duty to protect humans at all costs and so, the seraphim choose one of the virtues of man to lead the Lucchesta clan. They own a legitimate casino and the horse derby, but they also fix many of the races and games. Upon hearing rumors of the alliance forming with the demons, they contacted the 「 ♔ DIOGAURDI family, who are run by werewolves. This would benefit the Lucchesta family because they would rake in more non-taxed revenue. For the Dioguardi family it offers a safe place to launder their money (clean it). Dioguardi family is run by bloodline firstly and challenger secondly. If a member challenges the current leader and wins, the honor of alpha then runs down his or her bloodline instead. Most importantly there is a Alpha in each pack and a den mother. The den mother doesn't need to be married to the alpha because her duty is to perform motherly duties for the clan like cooking for them and doing their laundry. Because the family specializes in illegal fights and kidnapping, it is a warm welcome to have someone take care of them. Their fights are often innocent humans against supernatural creatures and as the difficulty raises so does the profit. They also pit creature against creature, often using kidnapped family members as incentive. Their gang sign is a religious symbol that is tattooed on each member upon joining or their transition to adulthood. It is the sign of the sacred eye for all shifters (even shape-shifters respect the sign).

The 「 ♔ OCEANO family are smugglers. Their hierarchy is an inward process of being nominated. A new division of the family can only be formed if there are four other supporters and to be voted down there needs a majority vote. They own the docks and were renting parts out to Sgoria so that they could do their pornography but their main source of income is weapon dealing. They ship in guns then have illegal immigrants piece them together. Their gang sign is a pearl protected by waves. This sign is sewn onto patches that are proudly worn on their clothes. Their alliance with 「 ♔ LUCIANO is mainly of curiosity and admiration. Rumors are a common thing with Luciano because of their territorial wars. They have fought their ways up from the bottom of the criminal ladder to an established family. Their specialty is, unsurprisingly, thievery. They have committed all sorts of fraud and thefts, yet hardly any of them have ever been caught. Their group also runs on an inward system of being nominated and majority for voting down. To join though is a complicated set of dares and tests of their three aspects of a man: courage, wisdom and humility. Their gang sign is used to mark their territories and shows their striking nature as a family. By joining forces they hope to become more legitimate and to claim everything all the other families own. As the sparks would say, "This town ain't big enough for the both of us."