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Hello this guild is full of friendly nice people who really enjoy chatting and making friends.
The guild has a variety of members 18 to 80. And with people from different cultures and interests making us unique and above all an active fun guild.

This is an 18+Guild. You must be over 18 to join this guild. If you feel you should be able to join and feel you will be happy here just PM the captain Angelic Snow Angel and talk to her about it she will make exceptions.

Please copy and paste this forum into your join request.
Age ::
How did you hear about the guild? If from a friend, who is the friend? ::
Why would you like to join our guild? ::

Please no donations at this time to the guild that gold is used for subforums only. We can NOT use it for contest

Please donate to the guild mule Awesome Adult Guild Mule click on me to send trade
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