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"We were all envied and resented at some point in our lives, just because we were different or special. No matter the hate, no matter the resentment, we shall never surrender. This is what makes us special- this is what makes us elites of society. Welcome, my children, to Avalon High; The high school of Elites."

~Principal Eeon, founder of Avalon high~

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Dear parents,

Your child has been accepted into Avalon High for her/his outstanding achievements. Students must
READ AND SIGN this enrollment form (rules) to start Rping. Your child must also read the HOW THIS GUILD WORKS paper to familiarize themselves with Avalon. Their basic student information will be located here. Their teachers will be listed here. We know that the rules are tight and sometimes confusing, so just try your best to follow them properly (especially in shop and companies), and have fun! If you have any questions about your child's new school life, please PM me.

Principal Eeon.