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Welcome to the Autism and Aspergers Awareness Guild.

I started this guild because of a few reasons;

1.) I searched through the guild database and found none.

2.)I've recieved more than one PM asking about the puzzle
ribbon I display on my profile and in my signature.

3.)I finally found someone else dealing with the things I deal
with every day and it felt so great to be able to talk to them.
I know there can't be only two people on Gaia who are effected
in some way by Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. So this is an
effort to bring them all into one place.

Joining is simple.
There is no join fee.
All you need to do is hit the request button and tell us why you
want to join.
It can be as simple as that you are just curious about Autism and Aspergers syndrome.

I just wanted to start a guild where we can discuss Autism an Aspergers Sydrome, the therapies, the other ways people deal with it, and how we all feel about it. We gladly welcome anyone who just want to learn and autustics themselves.

I want to remove the stereotype of "Rain Man" and open people's eyes to the full spectrum of this world.

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