It was all over MMO Stream, the original producers of SAO and its prized direct copy of its cardinal system had come out with there newest hyped up hit, Armageddons Light Online. the game had the same core functions as the original SAO but with added content that made it more then just 'that fantasy game' for it was to have the same credit to cash system that GGO had installed. Another thing to make it unique was the addition of not only swords, spears, and axes, but it also contained the most famous and up to date firearms programmed into the system. This allowed for multiple unique skills to be divided up to many more players.

Without a moments hesitation everyone was looking to beta test the game and ended up with a control group of under 200 players. These players tested the game until its release giving great reviews and added to the excitement of this unique style of gaming sparking a revolution of similar designed games. AGLO as it was soon called, was then released on October 31st, 2027 via the American company, Arc System Works, who had spread it throughout Japan, the U.K, Russia, Australia, and the entirety of North America.

Little was known about the actual person that virtually sent the idea and data to the company and was only known as 'Origin' to the company and gamers involved. This single person would spark the next full on VRMMORPG incident of the century. The day of the launch loads of people converted there minds into the digital world of AGLO And began there personal quests within the unique world within. the first incident of inability to log out came 8 hours after the launch. A party of 10 tried to log out and discovered the log out button... did not appear on the help screen. ot long after this discovery a announcement was made stating that those who had decided to log into AGLO was now under the control of the game and stated that he was the one known as 'origin' and had revealed himself to be Akihio kaiyaba. Upon hearing this thousands of players where frightened and soon lost there sanity realizing that they had entered the world of the next death game.

It is now up to you, the player, to decide how you will live through this death game sequeal. will you hide yourself in your starting trown? fight to free yourself? or will you be like laughing coffin... and kill your fellow players. The decision is up to you do not linger, do not wait, decide now what is your fate?