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The story of how Archindonia became cursed is only known by a few. History states that the founding King of Archindonia had a daughter, princess Estrelle, too whom he gave a necklace with a crystal made of Diamond Dust. Estrelle met and fell in love with a Ranger, Gallo, though his War battles were over due to a misterious sickness he, and only he, carried. Devastated, Estrelle begged the king for a cure, though he refuesed, angered that his daughter would not marry someone of royalty. Gallo soon passed, and the princess locked herself away in sorrow. During her time, she tried desperately to devise a cure for the sickness and a way to revive her love. Her non-stop efforts drove her mad, and the poor princess found herself with the same disease her lover had succumbed to. The ancient sickness today is known as Chaos. She abandoned her research, blind with hatred and rage, and began to destroy her kingdom. Everything she touched was tainted with Chaos, and many died to her hands. It took the whole Imperial army to put down her anger, though Archindonia remains forever distraught, for she escaped to the North, never to be seen again, taking Chaos with her.

Though, this is not the end. The legend also states that her Diamond Dust necklace had magical powers, and the real Estrelle's soul was sealed inside, where she hold one wish to be given to a kind soul. To calm Estrelle's rage, someone must find and wish for it to begone and for her to be put to rest.

...But if this wish falls in the wrong hands...

There was an old poem, created about the time of these events:

Through the mountains and the meadows,
walk under the flowers and over the ocean's bellows.
Ignore the voices as you pass,
and leap through the deceiving glass.
There you will find a mirror,
that does not show how you appear.
With this mirror you will find,
two hearts intertwined.
These two hearts will show,
the path to the crystal through the snow.
But be warned for the crystal must feed,
on you hearts love and not on it's greed.

Is it a legend or is it a map? That is up to you to decide.