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Set in modern times...

Back in the old days, everyone believed in the so-called Creatures of the Night. Those with senses heightened far beyond that of any mortal, those with fangs sharp enough to rip your throat out... those who thirsted for mortal blood. Skip forward a few hundred years and you find people no longer believe in them. Well, most people at least. Honestly, it's a good thing. Do you think anyone would step a foot out of their houses if they knew just what kind of things are around them every single day? Well, maybe if there was a sale somewhere...

Anyway, you do know what kind of creatures we mean, right? You know, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons. But unlike in that one mortal-made movie, these Creatures of the Night are gorgeous enough without the sparkle (hah). And really, not all of them are bad. In fact, one might even be your best friend, your teacher, that hobo on the street (this is why you can't be mean to poor people) and maybe even your parent. Though, for those who DO turn bad, we have a special name for them :


They started to form their own coven around the 19th century, all kinds of dark creatures coming together for one purpose : The enslavement of Mankind. Their very existence threatens the harmony between mortals and non-mortals that took a long time to build. Most Creatures of the Night now only want to live in this world as humans do. Sure, they need blood to survive, but that's why the Blood Bank exists. What's the Blood Bank? You'll find information on it in the guild forums. Anyway, the number of Archfiends grow with each passing day. Of course, where there's a threat, there will always be people wanting to exterminate said threat.

Those people go by the name of Archfiend Hunters. They are ordinary mortals who have been trained to become expert hunters that possess both great mental and physical fortitude. The Archfiend Hunters have made a pact with the Creatures of the Night, agreeing not to kill one until it has been proven guilty of being an Archfiend. That would mean the said Creature had taken a mortal life OR exposed itself to a mortal with the intent of revealing the Creatures of the Night to the world. Of course, with the growing number of Archfiends, the Hunters have had to do some mass recruiting. There are a few rules for an Archfiend Hunter, which you will find in the Hunter Handbook later on, but the most absolute law :

Never trust a Creature of the Night.

It doesn't matter how kind, how noble or how seemingly innocent they seem. Remember, an Archfiend was once a regular Creature of the Night too. So, how will you play into this story?

For the Shapeshifters (this includes Werewolves) :
Alright, my fluffy friends. You live in the Shifter Territory, which is a large condominium only occupied by Shapeshifters. You guys are farthest away from the Hunter Headquarters, since most of you are really cute and cuddly. Keyword : Most.

For the Vampires (this includes Succubi/Incubi) :
Oh look, the Edwards most famous Creatures of the Night. You pretty things live in one luxurious place called the Vampire Manor which gets a steady supply of blood every Monday. Of course, you are not allowed to bring mortals anywhere near this place. No excuses.

For the Darklings (demons and whatnot) :
Over all, the number of Darklings make up 50% of the Archfiends today. This is why the Darkling Hotel is closest to the Hunter Headquarters. Yes, you people have a hotel since one house can't handle all of you at once. The Archfiend Hunters also inspect the hotel once in a while to make sure everything is in order.

For the Hunters (maybe there's still hope for humanity) :
So, you've been recruited. This could only mean one or both of two things :
1) You're kickass at either fighting or solving problems mentally.
2) You were born into a family of Hunters. Tough luck.
We hunters live in one, huge compound. It could be described as an academy of sorts, since you are trained here for combat as well as mental strength. Hunters after the first month of training are given a serum which heightens their six senses greatly and last as long as they live. The academy rule still holds firm ; No Creatures of the Night are allowed to be Hunters. We just can't trust them. But... what happens when you find out the Leader of the Hunters is one of them?

Are you Mortal, Creature or Archfiend? Choose.
What, having trouble choosing? Then just make more characters, simple.

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Requirements to join :
- Be literate. Not meaning you have to write 3 whole paragraphs about your character's lovely hair, just be literate enough to give other members something to reply to. About two to four medium-length paragraphs should do it. That said, we understand how easily Writers' block may come.
- Be active. You don't have to be super active UNLESS you take on an important role for your character. But try to squeeze in at least 5 posts a week, yeah?

How to join : Send a roleplay sample and tell us how active you are in a week. You can also PM the guild leader. After taking the time to put all this in our homepage, we do NOT accept blank requests.

Oh yeah, there's a list of Available Roles. Check it out.

*We also have a Battle System. Yep, DnD. It's simple, no worries. Check it out in the forums.

If you're in any of my other guild, like Arcato, you'll be accepted immediately, no sample needed. But maybe state that you're from <Name of Guild>.

❤ No god-modding
❤ Don't create unwanted drama
❤ Use a post template (pic and character name at least)
❤ Don't steal anyone else's idea (post template, character powers, stuff)
❤ No controlling/killing off other characters without permission
❤ Keep things PG-13 (Control the swearing, smexy business and limit the gore)
❤ Make sure you fill out the character sheet/profile skeleton and wait for it to be accepted before you rp.
❤ No text talk ("tbh i lov u", stuff like that.). Only write in third person form
❤ Use a post template (picture, name)
❤ Most importantly, be active

WARNING : If I find you are a thief, just here to steal pictures or post templates, watch out. I'll inform any other guild you enter so they too would be careful. No one likes a thief.

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