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Some people laughed at the idea of the end of times, some people prepared for it. However, no amount of stored food could have possibly made people prepared for what really happened...

On November 12, 2013, one of the many scientifically possible global catastrophes some scientists feared, actually happened. The sun had a huge coronal mass ejection which hit the earth and fried all electronics; caused earthquakes; tsunami's and volcanic eruptions.The After math left devastation and mass viral outbreaks due to the number of dead and destroyed government laboratories. Some people were buried in the hungry Earth; some drown in the fury of the waves; some burned to ash in the boiling hot magma; some suffocated on the raining ash; and those that survived that, got sick from the filth of the dead and the freed sickness cultured in labs.

In the end, only a small portion of the human race was left to pick up the pieces. There was no rapture; no Angels or Demons. There were no Zombies or aliens flying down from space. It was just devastation wherever people went. It was just the angry Earth and a civilization left in ruins.

When the Earth finally stopped moving, and the ash fall stopped burning, people slowly began to come out of the woodwork, looking for friends, family and allies. For women, and the future of the human race, the worst part was the ratio which was left to repopulate when the time came, five to one, men to women. Women of western cultures knew that this would make things far more difficult for them, having not only to fight for their safety, but their independence and the rights their fore-mothers fought for.

Though, everyone knew, that to survive, they had to find others. Some began getting groups of survivors together. Some where honest and helpful, others were manipulative and cruel. Some groups were cohesive and worked well together; others, were full of strife and opposition. Some groups became scavengers; some became farmers; some became bullies; some clung to God; and some blamed him. All of them, though, were driven to do one thing in common; one thing that humans have always done well; survive.

Yes, this is a serious role play, not to say there won't be humor, let's face it, life is full of humor. However, this RP leans more on the intellectually mature side. NOT naughty in any way, but slightly more on the dramatic and actiony(I know it's not a word) side. It focuses a lot on human interaction and character development. It involves coming up with ways to solve the simplest problems, like creating electricity, purifying water, building weapons or homes, ect. There are area's for the different groups of people and an overall plot that people can get involved in, if they choose.


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