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This guild is for anime lovers everywhere, and just the normal bored person who wants to have something to do.

This is a friendly(we can’t really guarantee that = P ) place where you can...
-discuss anime
-discuss games(yes, video games)
-discuss movies, books and music
-throw fits/rants
-win prizes in contests
-and most importantly, have fun!

Also, please try to stay active!!!

READ THE RULES+INTRODUCTION announcement within the guild, BEFORE you send a request.

In your request form, please tell us about yourself. What anime are you into? Are you awesome or not awesome? Do you like pie? ^^ Anything will do.
Show us you can type (Ex: "im awesom!!!1!1!!! IM UBR FAN!?!11 Plz let meh join, ilu v narto" will not be accepted) Blank requests will also be denied.
[update 2/5/2010: I don't understand why people still refuse to type using complete words. I'm not even expecting great grammar, yet I get these half-thought-of requests. I haven't denied anyone to this guild, but I will start doing so.]

Please be respectful to others in this guild or else.

Please trade all donations towards the guild to the guild's mule, AAFGguild. Thank you.

Send a Trade To the Guild Mule!

Check out our guild videos! Thank you Bob-Master-Taco!!!

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