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永遠に = forever

At Anime 永遠に High School find friendship, Rivals, love, and crazy teachers you'll be sure to have a pleasant time here.

Behind the walls there's always adventure waiting to be found so just turn the corner and start.

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To join please fill this out
Favorite anime?:
Do you love anime?:
Will you be active?:
How often are you online?:
Are you at least Semi lit?:
Sample of your Roleplaying skills: (can be link from a previous rp or just type when your character enters the school grounds for the first time)


• Must be Semi lit, no one liner's!
• Keep it Pg 13 (anything that's 18+ will be taken to pms)
• You can have as many characters as you would like but please they all must be active.
• When talking out of character please use parenthesis (( ))
• After joining please sign the rules page
•No realistic pictures of people only use anime pictures for you rp character
•Most of all have fun